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PPG 2015 Colour of the Year

Blue-Paisley-Albertos_DecoratingWe anticipate our 2015 Colour of the Year to play a prominent role in the home décor trends for the coming year as homeowners look to positively influence their lives and decisions with vibrant colours. With its bohemian flare and global ties, Blue Paisley can be paired with a charming, rich yellow-gold, or used as an accent wall, pulling in some mystery with black, gray and white.

Blue Paisley is one of the featured colours presented in “Possibility”, a collection of four new colour palettes showcasing the 2015-2016 colour trends for the PPG The Voice of Colour® program. While Possibility is an endless term, our colour stylists from around the world collaborated to form the overarching idea behind the four new palettes – setting the tone for the entire year ahead.